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Annapaola Del Nevo Illustration Art | About me
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Annapaola Del Nevo is an Italian illustrator who has been drawing from a young age and loves being surrounded by colours that have been part of her life

ever since.

After graduating from the School of Art she specialized in editorial illustration attending the three-year course in editorial illustration at the School of Comics

in Milan.

She starts out as a graphic designer and visualizer in studies and advertising agencies, but her inclination towards observing and representing reality in detail urges her to devote herself to the illustration technique.

Her love of animals and deep sensitivity for nature and her passion for observing closely the details of the life that animate it, lead her to specialize in scientific/natural illustration in all its aspects, from botanical to environmental design.

Between 1995 and 2012 she holds free-lance collaborations with Italian and foreign publishers. For Jaca Book, Carthusia, Larousse she illustrates popular science and environment books for children; she remains in non-fiction until 2007 when she starts working on the True Stories of Animals fiction series with Einaudi; conversely, the latest publications are a new experience aimed at getting closer to publishing fiction for children.

Her illustrations have been selected and recognized for five consecutive years (1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002) at the Illustrators Exhibition during the “International Children’s Book Exhibition” in Bologna.

Besides working as an illustrator she devotes herself to “wildlife” painting by means of which she can freely indulge in the representation of animal life, which she portrays with great accuracy.

Her paintings are exhibited in galleries of that sector in the UK.