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Annapaola Del Nevo Illustration Art | Book project
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Book project

“The goose neck red Russia” 


This book project was built on the story of a young writer friend of mine, Cynthia Ciani and tells the story of a young wild goose that together a peacock and a house cat are the main protagonists.


The goose is young and inexperienced and is in its first migration to distant lands: exactly the island of Cona, an Italian natural park where overwinter still some specimens of goose-necked from a region of the Arctic Russia.
She is amazed at the vision of those unknown lands on the edge of the lagoon and wants to immediately go to discover what lies near a grove nearby. So, disobeying orders of her companions, fly to the ends of a farm where he meets a “pavoneggiante” Peacock and…

Handmade by

Watercolor, cm 42x30




Traditional illustrations