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Annapaola Del Nevo Illustration Art | The Habitat
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The Habitat

The Rainforest

The illustration is inside at “Made you look” book, published in 2006 by the American publisher Klutz.

Is a book of picture puzzles and the illustration┬árepresents the endangered animals of the World’s Rainforests. All of these animals are found in Belize with the exception of the Bengal tiger, which is native to Asia.

Can you find fifteen?

Clockwise from upper left: coatimundi, wood stork, keel-billed toucan, green iguana, black howler monkey, tapir, puma, red-eyed tree frog, Morelet’s crocodile, great egret, ocelot, ocellated turkey, Bengal tiger, great blue heron, scarlet macaw.

Handmade by

Gouache, cm 50x28




Publications, Traditional illustrations