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Dik-Dik portrait 2 - Annapaola Del Nevo Illustration Art
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Dik-Dik portrait 2

Dik-Dik antelope puppy portrait



I chose to portray a puppy of the Dik-Dik antelope species because they are extremely rare. The exotic antelope is probably the smallest in the world, I was struck by the fact that Dick-Dick marks his territory with his tears!

The Dik-Dik antelope is about the size of a small dog, the name derives from the fact that when the animal is afraid, it comes across a zigzag and makes a “dik-dik” sound to warn that danger is coming.

These animals are extremely shy. In nature they are found in southern and eastern Africa, where many dangers are hidden.

It is typical for them that they do not live in flocks but live in pairs. They are very beautiful animals and are subject to poaching because their skin is extremely precious. Currently, the species is endangered and zoos around the world are trying to preserve their populations.